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And here is the last one.Sorry if it was rushed.God, I can’t believe this week is over.Can we make a Gendrya month next time?

Arya x Gendry Week was awesome! So many amazing pieces of fanwork!

If you are still working on stuff for it great! Post it whenever you’re ready!

I love getting feedback, so if you have any suggestions about how to make this better shoot me a message.

Also, check out the Masterlist, I tried to keep up with everything, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed something on accident, so give it a look over and shoot me a message if I missed anything.

Thanks go out to everyone who participated, you’re all awesome!

Warmth: A Hogwarts AU


noun: warmth
the quality, state, or sensation of being warm; moderate and comfortable heat.

Other parts found here

At this point it was just getting ridiculous. She had a Transfiguration exam and a Potions essay due, both of which were not to be taken lightly, but it would appear that neither would be getting completed due to the fact that Arya could not catch a moment’s respite from being Hogwart’s most favorite source of gossip. She might as well dye both eyebrows bright magenta for all the good it did her. People wouldn’t stop staring anyway.

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Arya x Gendry Week Fill 6: Pride

Title: Arrows 

Rating: M


Arya, the proud huntress goddess, is sent to Earth to escape the lust and wrath of other gods. However, she winds up finding love in the most unexpected fashion.




Titre : Rain

Day 3 : Rain

AO3 : [x]

Summary : Arya and Gendry spent a nice week-end in her parents’ chalet, but when it’s time to go a violent rain keeps them trapped. They have to find something to do before it stops.

(Warning because it’s smutty as hell. You’ve been



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· rain · 2014 · fanfic · under 2k · rated e · nsfw · elrewin ·



or: five things gendry wants to do (and one he actually does)


"Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound. Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound. Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound…"

Gendry shifts and presses one ear to the ground, but his short hair does nothing to cover the other. He lifts one arm over the side of his head in another attempt to block out the sound; the posture is uncomfortable and does nothing to alleviate the hardness of his makeshift bed or the soft voice murmuring not too far from where he lies.

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A Name is a Dangerous Thing


Title: A Name is a Dangerous Thing.
Summary: Five times Arya is tempted to tell Gendry her name and the one time she does.
Rated: M.
WC: 3691
Links: ao3, ff.net

Here’s my tempted fic for axgweek, it’s actually a sequel to a fic I wrote for last year’s Drug prompt, Addicted.

Hi ! Just one quick question, is it okay if we post drabbles after the end of the week ? Because I still have ideas but I didn't have time to write them last week...

Oh yeah, please do! I still have two fics planned that I didn’t have time to finish so you’re not alone! Just post them whenever you’re ready.

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